A First Look At The New Samsung Galaxy S3

After months of speculation the new Samsung Galaxy S3 has finally been unveiled. Just a few hours ago Samsung hosted a major event at Earls Court in London where they introduced guests to their new flagship model. The phone is the successor to the Galaxy S2 which has sold over 20 million units to date. The manufacturers hope this model will achieve similar success and that is a distinct possibility judging by the excellent specification that it offers Samsuing Bixby

The one area that has generated the most rumours about the Samsung Galaxy S3 is with regards to screen quality. Every rumour correctly suggested that the model would feature a larger screen than the Galaxy S2 and we can now confirm that a 4.8 inch screen will be used on the phone. The model will make use of Super AMOLED technology which is renowned for producing vibrant colours and deep dark tones. An impressive resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels can be displayed and the screen is constructed from toughened Gorilla Glass to help the phone stay in good condition for longer. One new feature present on this screen is a sensor that tracks the eyes of the user. This ensures that the phone will not dim or lock itself while you are looking at it. Samsung have fully utilised the sensors that are present on this model. A great example of this is when you are viewing a contact in your phone book, simply lifting the phone to your face will automatically call this person.

One of the key features of the iPhone 4S was the introduction of the Siri voice assistant and the new Samsung Galaxy S3 has some impressive voice recognition software of its own. This new service is called S-Voice and it allows users to command the phone using their normal, natural voice. This means that simple actions such as adjusting the volume can be performed by the user simply saying “volume up”. There has not been much of a boost in still camera resolution which is 8 million pixels. The secondary camera however has seen a significant rise in quality to 1.9 mega pixels. Some helpful features have been added to the camera facility such as a twenty shot burst mode and an extremely fast shutter speed. High definition video footage can also be captured by the model at a resolution of 1080P.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 impresses us in nearly every department. The screen offers great quality and a manageable size while the phone makes excellent use of the sensors that it has on board. Some new features have also been added to the camera feature to help user capture excellent photographs.

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