Apple iPad MC497LL-A

One of the companies that are developing new and good quality gadgets is the Apple. This company not only manufactures computer but they are also the genius behind the iPod. Aside from the laptops iPod is one of the computers that some individual wants especially the young adults and the teens. The iPad is a tablet computer it is developed for visual and audio media like eBooks, music, movies plus you could also play some light game son it and it also has web content.

This iPad is very much like a laptop computer but not quite the same as the laptop this new device would serve well with casual users plus it is very much portable than a laptop it weights 1.5 pound which will be much easier for you to carry around plus it is not bulky it’s just like bringing a real notebook or a thing book with you. Screen Protector [Waterproof] [Anti-Bubble] HD Clear Film [4Pack] (44mm) B07Q97ZZTR

However this iPad only runs applications and programs approved by apple. One of this apple iPad is the Apple iPad MC497LL-A. It is important that before you buy or purchase thing you should know its functions and important information regarding the device.

The iPad has functions that you could also do in your laptop like running application, you could watch movies and listen to music and you could even connect to the internet wirelessly.

It has a high resolution Led backlit IPS display and has a high responsive multi touch screen it also has a powerful apple chip installed on it. This device is not just the best device but Apple has succeeded in creating a whole new kind of device which consumers will support and want.

It has a widescreen that measures 97 inch diagonally which has a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels at 132 pixels per inch.

This Apple iPad has a capacity of 64GB and has Wi-Fi and 3G

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