Choose the Right Life Coach For You

There are hundreds of life coaches all over the continent, and since most of them coach by long-distance telephone, the options for choosing a coach are broad. Kelly in Manitoba, Canada chose a coach in Florida. Sue in Idaho, chose one in Illinois. So, geography isn’t necessarily a restriction if you have a good long-distance telephone plan Tony Robbins Florida.
If you look on the Internet-the leading way to find a life coach-you will find hundreds of choices.

Some coaches are geared for executives and coach as a fulltime job. Other coaches diversify, because there may be a lot of down time between clients. Clients usually purchase coaching in blocks that are not necessarily renewable. Many coaches choose to add public speaking, writing or have other career tie-ins. If a coach diversifies, it doesn’t mean they aren’t a good coach. Some coaches diversify to give their own life needed balance, after all it’s tough being a solopreneur. Question a potential coach about their current availability. If they have a spot open for you, go for it.


Just because a coach is certified and has a website doesn’t mean she is good. In my ongoing training, I’ve listened to some audio samples of coaches-in-training (from a different organization than I formally trained with) that I could tell just didn’t have the knack for it. You have to have a fairly high emotional IQ to be a coach. You need to be fairly discerning, a good listener, and skilled at asking questions to be a coach.

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