Cusco and Machu Picchu Hotels Are Ideally Placed to Visit the Old Peak

Whilst becoming acclimatized we took an amiable stroll around the unforgettable sites of Cusco, starting at the Plaza de Armas. I’m afraid our amble took on all the characteristics of a route march which left us thrilled, but exhausted. However, we did see Sacsayhuaman Fortress and the Tambomachay ‘Virgin Baths’ during our short stay in Cusco. There is a wide range of really good hotels in Cusco and, no matter whether you can afford to spend a lot, or just a little, there is a hotel to suit you. In fact, we found that all the Cusco and Machu Picchu hotels we came across were superb, both in their treatment of guests and in the standard of the accommodation on offer tour cusco peru.

Dizzying Altitude
Splurging out at the start of our holiday, we had booked into La Casona – mainly to enjoy an opulence that normally we could never have experienced in our wildest dreams. Of all Cusco and Machu Picchu hotels, this is certainly the most opulent one. Aside from being the very first boutique hotel opened in Cusco, its other claim to fame is its total privacy in the midst of such a busy city. La Casona, one of Inkaterra’s hotels, has just 11 suites in which to accommodate guests. Nevertheless, it is worth the expense because you really do need to get used to the particularly thin quality of the air that can leave you gasping for breath and make you dizzy if you do too much too quickly.

Peace and Tranquillity
Once we arrived at Aguas Calientas, the village just a 15 minute drive from Machu Picchu, we booked into our hotel which held a further surprise for us. It was set amongst 12 acres, complete with waterfall and trickling streams, flotillas of butterflies. This is Cusco and Machu Picchu hotels at their best! Aside from Machu Picchu itself, which is unforgettable, staying at this hotel there are plenty of other things to do. The hotel itself is situated alongside the Vilaconota River and you can just want to enjoy the sights, smells and sounds of the gorgeous gardens around you whilst eating a gourmet meal in the hotel’s restaurant.

There are plenty of other Cusco and Machu Picchu hotels of different standards, both in Cusco itself and in Agua Calientas. In fact, there is even a hotel up at the Machu Picchu site itself. Personally, however, I would choose to stay at the Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel, amidst its 12 acres of peace and tranquility in what is, generally, quite a strenuous holiday.

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