Do I Need Employee Scheduling Software?

At What Point Should I Consider Using Employee Scheduling Software?

Determining if and when you might need to start using a dedicated scheduling program is dependent on many factors. The cost to find, try, purchase, train and use is nontrivial and should be weighed before beginning your investigation Target view schedule.

Questions to ask yourself

The list of questions below is a sampling of questions that you should ask yourself to determine your employee scheduling needs.

  • Can employees work at multiple locations?
  • Can employees work in multiple jobs or positions?
  • Is the majority of overtime the result of someone calling off work and you can’t find a replacement that won’t go into overtime?
  • Are you scheduling more than 12 hours of the day?

Effort to Create and Maintain Employee Schedules

Often managers and staff schedulers think of scheduling as the process of writing down the schedule for an upcoming week or month and the effort can be quantified in terms of a few hours.

Creating the schedule is just the first of many steps in maintaining an accurate schedule. Once the schedule is posted, many employees will ask for a change to accommodate last minute changes (doctor’s appointments, personal business, etc.). Employee retention is important and most organizations try and accommodate these changes. The result is the schedule is modified one to as many as five times more before the week that was scheduled is worked. Each change requires moving shifts around to ensure your business needs are covered, no or very little overtime occurs and employees aren’t overburdened, e.g. working every weekend.

A major consideration is determining the amount of time it takes to find a replacement for a call out (out sick). Some jobs and positions require a minimum amount of staff (nursing) and are required to find a replacement for a call out. The process is time consuming and often results in overtime. Utilizing an Employee Scheduling program can help you identify the best candidates that won’t result in overtime. Additionally, the software program can email and text these candidates to save the scheduler the time of calling and leaving messages.

Accurate Schedules for Your HRMS

If your organization is interested in tracking employee behavior, rewarding the good and hold accountable for the bad, then you’ll need a method of creating an employee schedule for your Time and Attendance system. Utilizing Employee Scheduling software can integrate your employee records and pass schedules back for increased reporting and alerting. Integration of data between your HRMS, Time and Attendance and Employee Scheduling systems is an important consideration.

Do I Need Employee Scheduling Software?

Automating your employee scheduling needs will help your organization create and maintain schedules in less time. Once automated, you can integrate the schedules to accomplish greater functionality with your Time and Attendance system. Having your schedules online and accurate allows you to quickly identify and communicate with potential replacements for call outs. Automating increases communication and collaboration with your employees. If any of these statements sound good to you, then you should strongly consider adding this key component to your back office systems.

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