Essential Oils And Travel – Packing Suggestions For Your Essential Oils

What packing secrets can make the packing of your essential oils easier? There are several things that can help keep your oils safe and organized while you travel, and there are also some hints about the ones you take in your one-quart plastic bag.

For Your Checked Bag

I use a specially padded carrying case for 30 vials of essential oils, though some people prefer the carrying case for 16 vials. It has dividers of padded cotton between where each bottle sits, which is great to keep them from banging together. It also has padding on all sides, top, and bottom. There are many excellent essential oil travel cases on the market, but this style is my favorite.

For Your One-Quart Plastic Bag

What I do is line up six 5 ml oil bottles in the bottom of a non-zip sandwich bag and fold it over them to make a secure carrier. Then I place them in a zipped plastic snack bag.

Because of the possibility of sitting on the tarmac and getting too hot, I also put a 15 ml bottle of peppermint oil in my one-quart bag. This 15 ml bottle will have only 15-20 drops of peppermint oil in it. If I need it to help cool down my body temperature, I simply

1, fill with water to almost the top of the bottle

2. replace the cap lid with a spray top

and I have my own personal spritzer! Peppermint is known for its cooling properties. I’ve been known to spray it on my shoulders, neck, etc., but it is important to keep peppermint away from the eyes, because it can burn.

A Tip for Both

Most companies provide labels to go onto the top of the essential oil bottles and these are very helpful, especially for the bottles in the padded carrying case. If your eyes are over 40 years of age, you may prefer to make your own labels with your label maker! Portable Traveling Essentials Kit B07RRGGHQ3

I hope that this article has been helpful for those of you who are new to essential oils and to traveling with them. For more information about essential oils and travel, I invite you to visit [] and click on the TRAVEL navigation bar.

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If you are ready to shop for essential oils for your trip, I invite you to visit [] for a selection of almost 200 oils. The kits come with the 5 ml bottles that I pack in my one-quart bag. In the general list of essential oils, you will find essential oils in both 5 ml and 15 ml sizes.

If one of your favorite oils only comes in a 15 ml size and you want it in a 5 ml size, you can clean an empty 5 ml bottle, put your oil from the 15 ml bottle into it, and re-label it with your label maker. Another option is to buy a few empty 5 ml bottles from the same vendor from whom you bought your essential oil carrying case.

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