Get Your Car Serviced After This Horrific Winter

Now is the time to think about having your car serviced, even in these hard times it will pay you to look after your car by having it serviced.

This winter as been especially hard on your car, the really bad days have probably been forgotten now that we are feeling a bit of warm sun on our backs and the spring flowers are in bloom. LS swap wiring harness

But your car took some heavy wear and tear on those heavy snowy, freezing nights. Your battery, your braking system, your clutch and other less thought of items such as oil viscosity. When your engine is running on frozen oil there is an increase in wear and tear on your engine and it is important to re-new the oil as soon as the air temperature starts to improve.

Also the effect that Winter has on your clutch and tyres, skidding on icy surfaces causes large amounts of premature wear on both these components, a good service will pick up all these points, and can prevent accidents, caused by failing parts.

Your service should be carried out at a reputable service centre, many motorists know of a good service centre and often pass this information on to their friends and family.

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