Homemade Carpet Cleaner Solution

You have been thinking about carpet cleaner solution and you have decided that making your own will probably be cheaper? Or you already have a steam cleaner but want a safe alternative to the commercial carpet cleaner solutions on the market. Well you will be glad to know that making your own carpet cleaner solution is quite easy. You don’t need to have a passing grade in chemistry class; you don’t even have to know how to spell chemistry. If you do not already own a steam cleaner you can opt to rent one whenever the need arises. Making carpet cleaner solution just needs you to take a walk to your kitchen pantry. Here are some of the more common types tampa carpet cleaning:

• Vinegar Carpet Cleaner Solution – Mix one part vinegar to ten parts water. This will get rid of spots quickly. The smell of vinegar will wear off when the carpet dries.

• Ammonia – you can use this in the same amount of carpet cleaner solution that your particular steamer asks for. They have it in different scents but you will probably still need to leave your windows open until the carpet dries as the scent won’t go away until they are dry.

• Windex and Water – For this cleaner use equal amounts of Windex and hot water in your steam cleaner.

• Dish washing liquid, Ammonia and Water – use around 3 tsps of dish washing liquid with ¼ cups of ammonia and vinegar to a couple gallons of water.

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