Important Things to Consider With Diamond Polished Concrete Flooring

Thanks to the big box superstores and their demand for low cost and durable polished concrete floors, homeowners have a new flooring alternative; diamond polished concrete flooring. Traditionally the large stores and warehouses use a polished floor that is treated with an epoxy finish for easy cleaning. Hotels and high end department stores have developed the process even further using a diamond polishing process. The result is a high gloss, durable surface that rivals the look of polished marble and granites for a fraction of the cost. The cost of polished concrete floors ranges from $2/SF to $4/SF depending on how smooth a surface is desired and if coloring is used. Polished concrete contractors

The high sheen finish is derived by polishing the concrete using a large floor polisher and series of sanding grits, starting with a rough grind. A densification chemical is applied to the surface to harden the concrete. Polishing continues through a sequence of grits until the desired sheen is achieved. Some contractors will add a “guard” to the surface. Guards are basically wax product which were developed to are used to make the floor appear shiny without the time and labor of a true diamond polished floor. Waxing the surface defeats the purpose of an easily maintained floor as you would have to reapply t

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