Remapping Cars to Gain More Power, MPG and Drivability

A good car is not merely measured by the elegance of its interior and exterior but by its level of engine performance and fuel efficiency. These two aspects of the engine processes determine the level of control that drivers have on the cars in different condition driving conditions LS engine block.

Many individuals who are in possession of a car always desire to get the best out of their cars whether in terms of fuel efficiency or engine performance. Maintaining cars that have poor engines can be costly and disappointing.

One way that you can use to improve engine performance and fuel efficiency is car remapping. This technology is a safe way of revamping old engines and boosting fuel efficiency, power, and performance. The advantage of this process is that your engine remains intact and your warranty unblemished. During the remapping process your car engine will not be dismantled and therefore there is minimum risk of developing mechanical problems.

What actually happens is that the whole work is done only on the ECU through a software program. Most modern cars are fitted with an engine control unit which regulates engine processes such as ignition timing, fuel and air intake and mixture and other engine processes. Settings for these processes are usually stored in ECUs in the form of maps.

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