Save Fuel and Drive Safely by Checking Your Car Tyre Pressures

Car tyres inflated to their correct tyre pressure can save the motorists up to 10% on their fuel bill. But a survey by TyreSafe reveals many are ignoring this advice summer tires blog.

The survey coincides with the start of Tyre Safety Month; a campaign to highlight the dangers of driving without the correct tyre pressures.

Maintaining the car manufacturer’s recommended tyre pressure can:

1) Increase safety by improving the vehicle’s braking, steering and accelerating performance.

2) Prolongs the life of a car tyre.

3) Save money by reducing fuel consumption. Under inflated tyres have a larger contact patch with the road surface, which increases drag and causes the car engine to work harder.

4) Have a positive environmental impact by reducing the number of tyres that need to be disposed of and reduce harmful gas emissions from the car engine.

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