The “Other” Fluids – Fuel Levels, Washer Fluid, Gear Oil, Engine Oil and Anti-Freeze

The brake fluid is probably the most important lubricant in your car. However, the other fluids are just as important too, since they must be in good condition to make sure that your car is totally winterized. In this article, we will be discussing the other fluids that make your car work, including what you can do to make sure that will continue to work well even when subjected to the extreme cold of winter LS3 parts.

Wiper Washer Fluid
In summer, the wiper washer fluid is usually composed of nothing but water. It is automatically sprayed in front of the windshield to remove stuff that impedes the driver’s vision. During winter, where temperatures can go as low as a -25 degrees, pure water will freeze.

Thus, it is important to put anti-freeze into the wiper washer fluid container.. If some level of fluid resistance can still be observed, try adding more anti-freeze gradually. This is to make sure that the whole mixture will have a lower freezing point.

Replacing the wipers with brand new ones is also recommended. Unlike rain, snow may come with various particulate matter like sand, that may give your wipers a hard time. Thus, it is advisable to replace the wipers as soon as the first snowflake falls

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