Tips in Extending The Life of Your Car

Yes, you can do a lot of things to prolong the life of your car. Since your vehicle can be one of your most expensive belongings, it is but wise to take good care of it so it will stay in good shape for a long period of time. Here are some ways to make that possible LS swap truck parts:

1. Make sure you break-in your car properly and sufficiently.

During the first 1,000 miles or 1,600 km., you should keep your driving speed under 55 mph or 88 kph, or at the pace recommended by the maker of your vehicle. Avoid heavy loads or loading your trunk or roof rack with heavy materials.

2. Always drive with care.

Every time you start to drive, accelerate slowly. The most engine and drive train wear happens during the first 10-20 minutes of operation.

3. Get gas from reputable service stations.

Make sure the gas you get is filtered at the pump. Ask someone from the station if they have a policy regarding replacing pump filters regularly. If they do not have pump filters, you better drive to another station. Pump filters are important in order to sift and clean the gasoline that gets in your car engine. Look for a trustworthy gas station who mix fuel and alcohol properly and absolutely do not mix water in gasoline.

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